Para Block 20kg
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Deoblock put in urinal bowl and w/c bowl with the strong deodorising power of deoblock will quickly elimintae malodour that persist in washroom.


  1. Crystallized parablock
  2. Disinfect, reduce odour or mask odours of restroom and urine odours.
  3. A powerful deodorant containing 100% paradichlorobenzene with pleasant fragrance
  4. Can be placed directly into urinals bowls.
  5. Recommended to use at toilets, urinal bowl, schools, theatres and institutions.
  6. Packing: 20kg
  • Generally lasting  (depend on usage frequency)
  • Economical long term odour control for urinals
  • Suitable for low-flushing, waterless urinal system
  • Deodorizer to eliminate the urine odour and delivers pleasant fragrance

Direction of use: Place 2-3 block above the drain of the urinal

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